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Solved: 500 error after upgrading to Drupal 7.41 from Drupal 7.39

After I upgraded to Drupal 7.41 from Drupal 7.39, my site went down and I got a 500 internal server error message. What's more frustrating is the fact that there were no logs whatsoever.

I checked Drupal and Apache logs and no errors were to be found. After a bit more digging online, I figured the solution was rather simple and it was silly to not have thought about it.

I used Drush to upgrade the core and some modules. While upgrading, the .htaccess file has been overwritten. Luckily, drush takes a back up of your site before doing upgrades.

I restored the original .htaccess file from the drush_backups folders and the site came back (whew).

How to setup a Raspberry Pi & WiFi without a monitor (Headless) using a Macbook

In this article, I'm going to share my experince of setting up a Raspberry Pi headless (without a monitor) using a Macbook.

In this 3 step tutorial, we will go through how to prepare your Raspberry Pi, setting it up through a wired connection and finally setting up the WiFi connection.

Things you will need:

1) Raspberry Pi - (I got this Raspberry Pi 2 - MODB - 1GB - Quad core).

2) USB WiFi Adapter - (I got this Tenda Nano USB wireless Adapter ).

Setting Up Your Website/Email on Digital Ocean

This blog is about how I went about setting up my website and email on Digital Ocean. It is a continuation from my previous article about the decision to move from shared hosting to a VPS
My requirements are :
  1. Run my personal website (Drupal based)
  2. Run my own email server
Note: The following guide assumes that you have basic understanding of VPS, Ubuntu, Webservers, Database, Webhosting etc
Step 1 : Create A Digital Ocean Droplet
You have to select the size of your Droplet, the physical location and an operating system. I chose the 1GB package, Singapore as the location and Ubuntu as my Operating System. Click here to get $10 free credit from Digital Ocean. It is enough to let your try out for a month. 
Digital ocean lets you one click install applications like - LAMP/LEMP Stack, Wordpress on Ubuntu etc.

Moving From Hostgator To Digital Ocean

I recently moved from Hostgator to Digital Ocean and this how/why I did it.

This is something I have been wanting to do for quite sometime. I tried a couple of years back to shift to a VPS but reverted to a managed host because VPS was expensive and it was time consuming.

With the likes of Digital Ocean, Linode and the grand old Amazon AWS offering more and better (read easier) options now, I decided to make the jump, yet again.

Also, I should mention that there is nothing specifically wrong with Hostgator. They have good hosting services with excellent customer service. But I was about hit the limits of their shared hosting and their VPS offerings are quite expensive.

So here is what I needed :

  1. Run a personal website plus a few test websites.

  2. Run an email server that will take care of my personal email

  3. Have some kind of a personal data backup system 


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